The most common reasons for a Turkey e-Visa rejection is :

  • Turkey visa applications contain false or incorrect information, 
  • The applicant's name may be similar to a baned visitor on Turkey's banned list or blacklist.
  • The visitor did not enter the necessary documents for the electronic entry Visa, like the additional supporting visas or residency permit.
  • The applicant's passport may not have sufficient validity to apply for an eVisa. The visitor's used passport must be valid for at least 180 days from the intended travel date. 
  • There may be a suspicion that you intend to overstay in Turkey, mostly if you have previously worked illegally or overstayed before in Turkey.
  • The candidate may be a citizen of a country not eligible to apply for the Turkey visa online.

In most cases, the Turkish government will not explain the rejection reason. It's necessary to contact the nearest Turkish embassy or consulate for further information and apply it through them.

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