Citizens of the State of Yemen who wish to visit Turkey for tourism or doing business and visiting exhibitions and conferences need a travel permit or a visa to enter the Turkish lands. The Yemenis are among the ten most foreigners present in Turkey. They are distributed mainly in large cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, noting that most Yemenis visitors are university students who intend to complete their studies in Turkish universities.


What are the turkey visa requirements for citizens of Yemen?

Citizens of Yemen are not eligible for a visa on arrival. Therefore Yemeni visitors to Turkey should obtain an electronic visa to Turkey over the Internet before traveling to Turkey as a first stage before getting a residence permit to live and do business or work.

But how to obtain the Turkish online visa for Yemen?

The Turkish government provides an entry visa to Turkey through the Turkey e Visa website for all world countries, including Yemeni citizens. The Yemeni visitor is required to submit an electronic visa application from the website to get the tourist visas, with the following conditions:


- the Travel document should be an ordinary passport and valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry.

- Entry visa to one of the following countries: United Kingdom -United States of America - Ireland - Schengen.
Or, a residence permit in one of the following countries: Spain - Estonia - Portugal - Denmark - Sweden - Germany - Mexico - the United Kingdom - Norway - Austria - the United States of America - Greece - Ireland - Iceland - Italy - Belgium - Poland - the Czech Republic - Slovakia - Slovenia - Switzerland - Schengen - France - Finland - Latvia - Luxembourg - Lithuania - Liechtenstein - Malta - Hungary -and Netherlands.
The attached visa or residency must be valid and usable On the date of entry to Turkey.

- According to the visa agreements signed between Turkey and Yemen, flight tickets must also be on the Turkish airline board, "such as Turkish Airlines, Fly Pegasus or Onur Air.

- A valid Email address to receive the Turkey visa document..

- A valid credit or bank card for international payment to pay the Turkish electronic visa fees.


It is preferable for all travelers wishing to visit Turkey to complete the electronic Turkish visa application at least 48 hours before the date of travel to Turkey to ensure that the visa is obtained before an appropriate time from the travel date.

After the application is accepted, the Turkey e-visa is granted a validity of 180 days with a single entry that allows you to stay for 30 days on Turkish territory.


Yemeni diplomatic passport holders are not required to apply for any visa to visit the turkey's republic as they are exempt from visas from the ministry of foreign affairs.

apply for visa to turkey


Turkey visa from Turkey's embassies and consulates (visa sticker)

Suppose none of the previous conditions is met. In that case, the visa applicant must submit a request to the Turkish official representation such as Turkish embassies and consulates at the place of residence.


The Yemeni citizens residing outside their homeland can also apply for a Turkish tourist visa, where, for example, Yemenis residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can visit the Turkish embassy in Riyadh or one of the Turkish consulates operating in the Kingdom to obtain a visa, and the applicants must fulfill conditions, including, for example:


- Valid residency in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

- Proof of work with a salary statement requested from the place of work in the Kingdom.

- A bank account statement for an amount not less than 7000 Saudi riyals.


Apply for Turkish residency:

If you want to stay on Turkish territory, you can apply for a Turkish residency from the Turkish Immigration Administration website after obtaining an appointment for the review and before the expiry of the period allowed for the stay mentioned in the previously granted visa.

The visitor is asked when requesting Turkish residence to provide the following:

- Passport copy

- Biometric photos measuring 5 * 6 cm

- Health insurance for at least one year, if you want to obtain a one-year residency.

- The residence fee must be paid from the Turkish residency website.


How much is the Turkish residence fee for Yemenis?

Residency fees on Turkish territory vary annually, and are from the beginning of 2021, as follows:

- 125 Turkish liras for the residence card fee.

- - $ 25 for the first month of residence, plus $ 5 for each month
Thus, the accommodation fee in the event of submitting an application for a year is 25 for the first month + 5 dollars for 11 months: (25 + (5 * 11)) and the total is 80 US dollars .

As for the residence fee for a period of two years, it is (25 + (5 * 23)) and the total is $ 140 .


The exchange rates are as follows: 7.3 Turkish liras per dollar
Therefore, the residence fee for one year is $ 97 and $ 157 for two years

After obtaining the residence permit, it is possible to enter Turkey without requesting any visa within the validity period of the residence, which is sometimes granted for a period of two years.


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